Release notes, June 9th, 2022

Simon Leppänen

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Read all about the new functions, improvements, and bug fixes made in the new Visiba Care release on June 9th, 2022. 

Contains releases: Office web 5.51, Android 3.51, iOS 3.51, Patient web 4.51, Red Robin 1.51.

Healthcare practitioners


This is new:

  • Ability to decide if you want to copy a Swedish national identity number with 10 or 12 digits.


  • The accessibility in the call has been improved.



iOS, Android, Web

  • Links in the About us-text were not clickable. This is now fixed for iOS versions 15.0 and above (more than 90% of usage).


  • Better support for gesture swiping when using a screen reader in My cases-views.



This is new:

  • Integration with 1177 AddMessage to send appointment confirmations, cancellations and updates to the 1177 inbox.
  • Integration with 1177 EngagemangsIndex (EI) to update “Bokade tider” with appointments from Visiba Care.
  • Integration with 1177 enabling users to cancel Visiba appointments from 1177.


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