Release notes, April 27th, 2023

Nanna Naumann

Read all about the new functions, improvements, and bug fixes made in the new Visiba Care release on April 27th, 2023. 

Contains releases: Office web 5.64, Android 3.64, iOS 3.64, Patient web 4.64, Red Robin 1.64.

Healthcare staff

News and improvements
  • When a patient selects an administrative presenting complaint in Red Robin, part of the patient summary was shown even if the patient never entered the Red Robin chat. Removing parts of the patient summary that give no value to the healthcare professional allows them to have a better overview and better preparation for the consultation. The redundant information took up space and makes important information difficult to see.
  • From the calendar overview, it's now possible to click on an unbooked timeslot to show that timeslot in the calendar. Previously you ended up in the calendar, but the timeslot wasn't selected. This will speed up the workflow, and the user won't have to remember the timeslot to see more information.
Bug fixes:
  • The Consultation Note in messaging consultations was supposed to be pre-filed with the patient's description/reason. This issue has now been fixed.


Bug fixes:

Red Robin

  • When booking an appointment after a Red Robin flow, patient NiN was lost for 0-year-olds. This issue has now been fixed.


  • For clinics only providing digital meetings, available time slots were only shown for the current day, not if the first available time slots were tomorrow or further in the future. This issue has now been fixed.

Red Robin

News and improvements:
  • A new question regarding the soreness of swollen lymph nodes has been added.
  • Psoriasis is split into its plaque, guttate, scalp, palmoplantaris, inverse and nail subtypes. Pustulosis palmoplantaris has been added as a new diagnosis.
  • Synovitises are now considered concrete diagnoses, which then also may be caused by a variety of oligo/poly-synovitises.
  • NLP model used for symptom identification in patients' free text has been updated.
  • Red Robin now supports multiple-choice questions where users can select more than one alternative.
  • The localisation of skin conditions can now be described in much more detail.


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