Release note

Big updates on the iOS design!

February 1, 2019

The iOS app now contains a tab bar at the bottom of the screen, splitting the app into reception-specific content, and user-specific content. For the healthcare providers who are activating the ability to have multiple patient receptions, that functionality has also been built into this release of the iOS app! Contains releases: iOS 3.5.0


  • New design featuring a tab bar for easier navigation
  • The iOS app now supports working with multiple receptions at the same healthcare provider


  • There is now a welcome-text on the start page of the app/reception
  • The stars in the call evaluation are now easier to click on

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue where app crashed when adding picture to messaging conversation
  • Fixed two situations of long text sometimes going outside of screen
  • Top part of PDFs opened in the app is no longer hidden behind the navigation bar
  • Fixed an issue where the problem selected during booking was not cleared when going back and forth in the flow
  • Fixed issue where requesting hardware permissions were sometimes bypassed when entering an appointment
  • Fixed a branding issue where the navigation bar received the wrong colour
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