Visiba Care November 2019

Google Chrome update

November 25, 2019

With the latest minor release of Google Chrome (version 78.0.3904.108) on November 18th, there was a noticeable downgrade of the video call quality in Visiba Care for a number of both patients (20%), and some healthcare professionals if the patient was on Chrome. Our tech department has been working hard to get around these problems:

Contains releases: Web 4.11.8

  • Optimized settings for Chrome
  • Changed codec and some video settings
  • Optimised video for less powerful computer

We will monitor the effects of these changes and see if more counter measures are required right now.

Here are other fixes done since the latest release:

  • Fixed parts of the Embassy Appointments API failing
  • Fixed a bug that prevented drop-in room payments from being refunded which occurred where the patient had left the queue before being attended to by a healthcare professional
  • Fixed forms list not showing correct published state for single reception customers
  • Fixed a bug that prevented certain users from signing in using Tupas
  • Added support for Tupas and Mobile ID via a new supplier Criipto
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible for performers to decline a booking they had created if the booking had been created via the Embassy API, which would make the booking disappear from their calendar
  • Fixed resources not being able to pick up drop-in tickets when standing on Global settings in Office. (The link to the call was generated wrong)
  • Updated CGI urls for SITHS
  • (Android) Fixed the forms view gaining incorrect height because soft input forced it to a specific height.
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